What if Form Followed Fiction?

Ole Sheeren proclaims Louis Sullivans famously coined phrase "form follows function" was the detrimental straightjacket for all modernism. Form follows function was fundamental to modernist architecture throughout the 20th century. The function or purpose of the building defined its shape and form. Sheeren asks what form followed something else, what if it followed the stories of all the people who inhabit a building. 

In Sheerens TED TALK, the people become a central focus of the design process. Taking to account the stories of all the people who walk by or live near the building. Working out the different interactions and activities of workers or residents and generating real narratives. 

Form Follows Fiction, the phrase Sheeren attributes to Bernard Tschumi brings to the imagination a whole new world of design possibilities, and by shedding the doctrines of times past find new solutions for our built environment.