jnkm interior design
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JNKM is a multidisciplinary design studio that combines the creative direction of Josh Nelson & Katarina Mijatovic offering brand experience and business development to small and medium sized businesses. Our mission is to attract and maintain customers through the use of strategic design solutions that elevate the user experience of your brand, product or service.

Goals & Services

Our goal is simple. We want to make the world a Super Awesome and we believe that design is essential to making this happen. We combine our studio's broad skill base to improve how customers experience a business, brand or product. However our aspirations don't stop there. We are active in improving public space, building community bonds and naturally having fun. Now let's start your awesome!



Building Stuff

As a designer making things come to life is essential to the success of all our projects. Knowing how materials work, what trades and craftsmen to employ and to what degree of finishing is just as important as creating the most detailed drawings.


Branded Experience

A companies brand is one of the most valuable elements as well as most memorable. Ensuring that product, service and customer experience is truly harmonized with your brand cannot be more important. 


Digital Solutions

The best websites are both practical and beautiful, and JNKM excels at striking the right balance between both qualities optimizing how users experience your web profile. 



You have an ideas. Everyone does and that's why working with strategic conceptual specialists will ensure your idea receives the best opportunities to present themselves. 

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