Interior Design

JNKM is a full-service creative design firm with a focus on commercial and public spaces. Our team is dedicated to custom spaces tailored to our customers brand, existing material ecology and the harmonization between the built and digital landscape. Our ability to leverage these elements has set our firm apart from others and continues to lead us through the evolving nature of design. Our growing restaurant, retail, office, and public projects has won us the reputation of a leading force in Toronto. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can help a new business, company or group get ideas sorted and assist in putting a strategic plan in place. For existing organizations it can help figure out what's not working and what is needed to take your project or brand to the next level. 

Brand Development

Branding is a set of expectations that your customers have of your business. Having a look and feel that is consistent and reflects your business is one of your most powerful resources a company has at attracting and retaining customers. JNKM can lead you to create a unique brand experience through graphic, digital, and environmental identifiers that will help you build credibility and equity with your customers. 

Website Optimization

Your website should work for you, with every site we develop, we submit it to the three most prominant search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and incorporate Google Analytics and basic SEO. This way you can see firsthand how you are doing in Search Engine ranks and have a better understanding of how visitors are using your site. 

Social Marketing

Our digital division provides a complete group of services to help your brand leverage social media. Navigating the always growing list of social networks and investing in the right applications requires a strategy and ongoing management. JNKM can help your team establish a social media strategy, develop a community and create unique content to make you stand out from the competition.