Elevator Design

Joshua Nelson is an accomplished elevator designer and interior consultant. Working closely with property managers, architects, engineers, designers, and consultants, Joshua has presented to CECA (Canadian Elevator Contractors Association) on new lightweight material design and as well as Canadian manufacturing. With a degree in interior/architectural design from OCAD University, his insight into unique spaces and environments and how it relates to the human experience and habitation has helped him be a successful manager and designer in the vertical transportation industry.

Elevator Interior Design Josh Nelson.jpg

Feature 1

Each elevator design is unique and custom tailored to the property it serves. 

Custom elevator light wall

A custom slim profile led light panel provides interior illumination for this elevator interior. The light blue film on the glass was selected to give the illusion of daylight. 

veneer laminated under glass elevator wall panels

This custom elevator interior design used laminated veneer glass panels to bring the traditional wood cab interior into the modern age. Stainless steel trims, handrails and details sharpen the look while providing the durable edge needed for high traffic interiors.